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About Us

Joel Gingerich, President


Jacqueline Schmidt-Gingerich, CFO
Carter Gingerich, Site Manager + Trucker
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Calvin Schmidt, Founder + Trucker
Kyle Horst, Health + Safety Rep
Peter Hallman, Labourer
Randy Lange, Site Supervisor

Our History

The first spark of interest in silo construction occurred in August of 1959 when a 14’ x 50’ stave silo was constructed on the Schmidt homestead farm. In 1964, Calvin’s dad thought that he should get a summer job off the farm, and silo building was an obvious choice with good pay and a huge demand for silos. Instead of being sent out on a stave crew, as his Dad had envisioned, 16 year old Calvin was given a shovel and faced a hungry concrete mixer on a poured silo crew. Two years later at 18, he was in charge of his own crew returning to school each September. At 20 years old in 1968, with the encouragement of farmers that he had worked for, he bought a set of new silo forms, and set out on his own--while still a student at OAC.

In 1974, Midwest Silo Systems Inc. was formed and the business grew. By 1981, there were 40 employees and two locations. The location in eastern Ontario was later closed, and that company became MWI Silo Systems Inc. to handle all non-farm silo construction. In 1994 an opportunity came to sell Midwest Silo Systems and exit the farm silo business.

Since 1995 our sole focus has been commercial and industrial concrete silo construction. We have built the largest diameters in Canada. The main focus has been in the grain industry while also constructing water towers, and storage for other dry bulk commodities. In 2010, the ownership of MWI Silo Systems transitioned to the next generation and is now owned by the founder’s daughter and son-in-law Jacqueline and Joel Gingerich. 

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